Suicide Prevention Evening - a SFGH UEA & Headucate Collaboration

Thursday 08 October 2020, 6:20pm - 8:30pm

Blackboard Collaborate

Break the silence. Be the change.

Students for Global Health UEA and Headucate: University of East Anglia are pleased to bring you a Suicide Prevention & Awareness evening on Thursday 8th October, ahead of World Mental Health Day 2020 that week.

Suicide is a topic we need to talk more about. There are common misconceptions and important factors to address. We hope to open a conversation amongst the student population.


We are honoured to be joined virtually by doctors Dr Ahmed Hankir, also known as 'The Wounded Healer' & Dr Chloe Beale, Suicide Prevention Lead for East London NHS Foundation Trust and Clinical Lead at Homerton University Hospital!


Everyone is invited! This event is free and open to all!

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If you would like to reach out for support, please visit for a range of different services open to all including your own GP, listening services, counselling, peer support, medication and crisis services.
If you are in a crisis, If you feel like you might attempt suicide, or may have seriously harmed yourself, you need urgent medical help. Please:
-call 999 for an ambulance
-go straight to A&E, if you can
-or call your local crisis team, if you have their number.
If you can't do this by yourself, ask someone to help you.

Mental health emergencies are serious. You're not wasting anyone's time.