*CANCELLED* Demystifying Women's+ Health - The Future of Women's Health

Saturday 18 January 2020, 9am - 5pm

The Enterprise Centre (TEC)

*CANCELLED* Following the success of our 2019 conference, 'What University Doesn't Teach You', we are proud to introduce our 2nd Annual Conference 'The Future of Women's Health'. The day will focus on innovations in OBGYN!

The day is open to ALL healthcare students and professionals, regardless of career stage and year group. It's a perfect opporunity to learn about topics that won't be on your curriculum (yet!).

Join us for a day of talks and workshops, presented by heatlhcare professionals who are at the top of their field(s). 

Keynote talks include:

  • Patient-specific 3D computer birth simulation 
  • Advances in fertility & IVF
  • The evolving nature of abortion care

Workshops include: 

  • The role of the microbiome in breast cancer
  • How to prevent smoking postpartum 
  • Advancements in gynaecological surgery 
  • HPV vaccine & cervical screening
  • Midwifery careers abroad
  • [And more to be announced!]

Free lunch and refreshments will be provided 

Ticket prices -

  • £15 for non-members
  • £12 for members [of UEA OBGYN society or Midsoc]