How to Fight Racism - and how not to

Thursday 07 October 2021, 6pm - 8pm

Arts 2.03

How do we fight racism, and throw it into the trash can of history forever? Why is it that under capitalism racism seeps into every institution? If you want to find out about that and more, make sure to come along to our discussion.

Six years after the beginnings of the Black Lives Matter movement, the death of George Floyd in the USA sparked an international movement against racism and police violence. The repression and injustices experienced by Black people day-in, day-out was captured by the last words of George Floyd and Eric Garner: “I can’t breathe!”. The protests against institutional racism spread like wildfire to Britain, with militant demonstrations insisting that ‘the UK is not innocent’. But the question facing activists now is: how do we channel this incredible energy and potential power into real, lasting change?

In this discussion, we will aim to trace back the origins of racist oppression and show its inextricable link to capitalism and through this acknowledgment put forward revolutionary conclusions of how the horror of racism can be thrown into the dustbin of history. Meanwhile condemning the liberal's proposed ‘solutions’ that aim to do little more than quell the movement while upholding the very system that perpetuates racism, the system that built racism, and the system that needs racism to survive.



“You can't have capitalism without racism.”

Malcom X

This event will be an open discussion, and all are welcome to contribute, hope to see you there.