How to be a revolutionary!

Thursday 02 December 2021, 6pm - 8pm

Arts 2.03

"The world political situation as a whole is chiefly characterised by a historical crisis of the leadership of the proletariat." - Trotsky

History is commonly taught as little more than the deeds of great men, who alone possess the ability to make history. Marxism rejects this view, and instead sees the development of society and great events as subject to objective processes, which often act behind the backs of the people taking part in them. But does this mean that the actions, ideas, and characteristics of individuals play no role at all? And what does this mean for revolutionaries living and fighting today? Marxism has sometimes been wrongly accused of fatalism: the belief that everything that happens is predetermined and unavoidable. But this raises an important question of how the powerful objective forces of history interact with the conscious acts of individuals.

Guest speaker Laurie O’Connell from Socialist Appeal will discuss these pressing questions in his talk. This will be followed by a chance for an open discussion. The talk will begin at 6pm in arts 2.03 and we will likely head to the bar for a drink and casual discussion afterward as we wrap up our discussions for the semester.

hope to see you there!

Georgie (president) on behalf of the Marxist committee