Please fully read the following information before submitting a form

All hive bookings require a risk assessment to be sent to

All bookings in the Hive are subject to request. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours between the submission of your booking and your booking confirmation. All bookings are subject to terms and conditions.

Please fill in the below form in full. Please note that failiure to declare accurate informtion for the type of activity may result in the booking being revoked.

If you are an individual student or an unofficial student group, you cannot sell or give out any homemade food in Union House, whether thats fundraising for a charity or generating profit for yourself. Individual students and unofficial student groups will require public liability insurance and food hygiene level 2 certificate before being allowed to sell and serve home made food in the Hive. If you plan to sell meat in the Hive, you must indicate whether this is Halal or not, as well as displaying a list of ingredients.


Once you have submitted your form, please promptly email your risk assessment to cover the proposed activity.

Please note: Your booking is NOT confirmed until you have recieved an email confirmation from uea (su) reception.

If you are allocated a Hive booking, you must report to the SU reception so that they can provide you with a table. You must not set up a table yourself. If you do set up a table yourself, we reserve the right to revoke your stalls. This is due to accessible and H&S reasons. 

Our Reception team will provide you with a (6ft x 1ft) Trestle Table


Hive Booking Form

Main details

Your name    

Email Address   

Phone Number 

Requested booking date   (Please provide the date in this format: DD/MM/YY)

Requested booking time   (Please provide this in 24hr clock format: hh:mm to hh:mm)

Are you booking a table as a club, society, individual, Alumni, university department,  UEA Staff member trading with their own business, Unofficial Student group (non club or society), or external organisation?

If you do not supply one of the above answers to this question, your booking request may be rejected

If you are a club, society, individual, Alumni, university department, UEA Staff member trading with their own business, Unofficial Student group (non club or society), or external organisation, please state whom you represent  

Are you collaborating with another organisation or promoter? If so please state who: 

Fundraising & food

Are you planning to fundraise at your stall? If so, please state which club, society, registered charity or other is being represented: 

If you are planning to fundraise for Charity, please provide the registered charity number:

If you are providing meat please indicate whether this is Halal or not 

If you are an individual fundraiser, please state this on the form, so that we can signpost the correct support.

Are you an individual student or student group looking to sell products or promote a service (student enterprise)?

If you are an individual student or student group looking to sell food, can you provide proof of public liability insurance and a level 2 food hygeine certificate?

If you are an international student who would like to sell products in the Hive, please inform us of this in this application as there may be issues with this around the Tier 4 visa. Please confirm Yes or No as to whether you are on a tier 4 visa and someone will be in contact with you to discuss your application: 

Please provide some information regarding what you plan to do on your stall:

Are you serving food :

Hot or cold food

Are you intending to sell home made or pre packaged food:  

Please state what type of food:

Please list the full details of the ingredients you will be using 

How many stalls will you require :  (Please note a stall is in most instances a 6x2ft trestle table)