uea students' union stands in solidarity with the goldsmiths anti-racism occupation

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Goldsmiths students have been in occupation since 12th March 2019, protesting institutionalised racism in the university system, and against the unfair, racist discrimination that BAME students face every day on campuses up and down the country.

As students and officers, we want to make it clear that we stand in solidarity with the occupiers of Deptford Town Hall, which is a Goldsmiths building. Racism is deeply entrenched in Britain’s universities, and legacies of colonialism and oppression still stand today. We see this in the constant micro-aggressions, tokenisation, and hate crimes targeting BAME students nationally. Further, the realities of racism have deep effects on the mental health of students and workers. This campaign, and many other liberation movements throughout the country, are the first step to intersectional mental health and wellbeing services which properly serve our members and other students throughout the country. As a union campaigning against the BAME attainment gap, for the liberation and mental health needs of our BAME students, and for the full decolonisation of our curriculum – it is more important than ever to stand with students nationally campaigning for these same goals.

Solidarity to Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action, and the ongoing occupation.

Read their manifesto here: and if you can attend one of their many teach-ins and workshops, please do.


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