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Got a ton of revision mounting up?

Trying to find motivation for those final deadlines?

Planning graduation?

Hunting for a graduate job?

Finding housing for next academic year?

Preparing for your annual review?


This is the busiest time of year for us and you! But we strive to make your life easier….

Our app offers all the website highlights in one neat pocket size format. So you can access stress relief events, news, end of year blowouts and all the club nights in between to keep your social life flowing.


Organising your life for you so you can be your best during the day and night.


Head to your su app now for….

Final release Exit Ball tickets,

Reserve your STARs ticket,

Purchase your ticket for this week’s classics: Damn Good, A-list, Propaganda, and Meltdown.

Shape the future of your su in the annual survey,

Check out your DSD headliners,

Find out what stress relief events are going on around your campus including Pets as Therapy hosted by Headucate Soc on Friday 18th May.



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Other news

become a buddy volunteer
India Edwards welfare, community and diversity officer

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, build up your CV, learn new skills and improve the ones you have. At uea(su), we like to provide volunteering opportunities for you as students and many of our services and events simply wouldn't be the same without our amazing volunteers.

making scholars a true graduate centre
Maddie Colledge Postgraduate Education Officer

The Graduate centre in Union House was created in 2015 and comprises of the Scholars Bar, Scholars Lounge and the Grad Kitchen. It has previously been described as an area' designed for Postgraduate and Mature students, but open to all.' However, the expansion of predominantly undergraduate students on campus without capital development has lead to increased pressure on social and study space for all students.

what happened at the aurora conference?
Jack Robinson Campaigns and Democracy Officer

UEA is part of the Aurora network: a network of nine European universities who share a mission to advance social good and solve global challenges. Delegates from all partner institutions meet up twice a year for a conference where various working groups meet and discuss the projects they are working on.