activities & opportunities officer

Activities & Opportunities Officer

Your Activities and Opportunities Officer represents you

The Activities & Opportunities Officer is a full-time representative of students, focusing on representing the interests of Clubs, Societies and events, and making sure all students have a fantastic time at University.

Lizzie Payne

Your Activities & Opportunities Officer

Hi, I'm Lizzie. I'm your Activities & Opportunities Officer for this year!

Before becoming your Activities and Opportunities Officer I was an active member of a few different clubs and socs, and held numerous committee positions, including Club President and a Sports Exec. The experience from these roles set me up well to tackle some of the issues students face and make changes to make your lives easier.

My Manifesto

Some of my key manifesto points include:

  • Publish UEA’s spending so you can see how your money is spent - this year I have been working on financial transparency and wrote a blog on the University’s finances in light of COVID-19. I want this to continue and greater clarity to be available to you.

  • Let clubs vote on the cost of Sports Association Membership (SAM) - why should the cost of SAM keep increasing and students not get a say in it?!

  • Allow clubs and socs to continue activities into the summer break.

  • Give everyone a freshers to remember - no matter if you’re a second year or in your sixth year here, let’s make up for all the lost nights out!

  • Ensure alumni can relive LCR nights Make sure you get a graduation and keep you updated on the latest information

  • Push UEA to improve Colney Lane – we all know the playing conditions at Colney aren’t good. Let’s change this once and for all.

  • Stream fixtures so you can watch anywhere

  • Get UEA to run a Postgrad and Mature students’ sports programme

  • Build a gaming room in Union House

Lizzie Payne

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