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Campaigns & Democracy Officer

Your Campaigns and Democracy Officer represents you

The Campaigns and Democracy Officer is a full-time representative of students, focusing on democratic representation for students in decision-making and the big issues that matter to you.

Hamish Williams

Your Campaigns & Democracy Officer

Hi, I'm Hamish. I'm your Campaigns and Democracy Officer for this year!

I’m a former Undergraduate/Postgraduate History Student and I’ve been involved with the SU for a while. First as your Bakery-Boy, then as your Student-Manager of Unio-Coffee and now as your incumbent C&D Officer. I was also the President of the UEA Pasta-Society but that’s a story for another time...

My Manifesto

Some of my key manifesto points include:

  • Pass on Plastic - Sustainability needs to be at the heart of EVERYTHING we do. Let’s create a UEA that works for us, without damaging our future! Re-elect #HameForCampaigns and we can PASS on PLASTIC here at UEA! From meal-deal packaging to plastic bottle use and paper cup consumption, together we can introduce REUSABLE & RECYLABLE alternatives at all of our catering venues, among other things!

  • Eat-Our-Landlords! – Let’s EAT-OUR-LANDLORDS...only joking...but students should be able to hold them to account!! The past year has demonstrated the importance of fighting for safe and affordable housing for students on and off campus, re-elect me and let’s: Fight for a No Penalty Release Clause for students in UEA Accommodation! Introduce a student led Rent Setting Committee to work with UEA to set fair & affordable rent in University-Accommodation. Restructure Home Run to provide a platform that works for Students and not Landlords so that WE Can call them out and hold them to account, exposing any dodgy behaviour!

  • Vice-Chancellor Accountability – The Vice-Chancellor is the leader of the University and as Students we should be able to regularly meet with him to discuss our concerns and to hold him to account. We need a consistent, regular public platform for any student to QUESTION him, to CHALLENGE him and to WORK with him! I want to introduce: Regular Q&A sessions in which we can directly hold the Vice-Chancellor to account. And Increased student-representation on University-Committees, including those that set the VC’s pay! You guys deserve more of a say in how UEA operates!

  • Free Parking on Campus! – Re-elect #HameForCampaigns and I will also fight for PERMANENT FREE PARKING on campus for both Commuter & Placement students including Medics, Nurses and those on other HSC courses! We’ve already managed to secure free parking until 31st March but that’s not enough and you guys deserve better, nuff said.

  • Make the LCR Great-Again! – Can’t beat a Blue-VK right?? Good times ARE coming. It’s not a question of if but WHEN the LCR will re-open and when it does, let’s make sure that it works for everyone. Re-elect #HameForCampaigns and: I will ensure that everyone from first-years & international-students to mature-students & medics have their say on the themes/music/events and more. And I will fight for cheaper ticket prices, A-List shouldn’t break the bank right? Let’s re-think how we have a Damn-Good time at UEA, I want you guys to be involved in this...did somebody say Pimp My Barrow 2022??? Watch this space!!

Hamish Williams

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