postgraduate education officer

Postgraduate Education Officer

Your Postgraduate Education Officer represents you

The Postgraduate Education Officer is a full-time representative of students, focusing on education and academic issues that affect students on PGR (Postgraduate Research) and PGT (Postgraduate Taught) courses.

Ayane Hida

Your Postgraduate Education Officer

Hi, I'm Ayane. I'm your Postgraduate Education Officer for this year!

I am an international student, a woman, Japanese, and a student with a disability. This makes me the right person to represent the diversity of Postgraduate students who study here.

My Manifesto

Some of my key manifesto points include:

  • Creating a system whereby there is a centralised function at UEA for Associate Tutors (AT) and PG international students

  • Pressuring UEA to effectively support PG students who have been affected by Covid

  • Providing Unconscious bias training for PG and staff to make campus an anti-discriminatory environment

  • Lobbying UEA to bring back Developing Teaching Skills (DTS) for PGRs and Staff Increase diverse representation of PG students at UEA and SU

Ayane Hida

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