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Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer

Your Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer represents you

The Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer is a full-time representative of students, focusing on student wellbeing, sense of belonging, diversity and representation for students from all backgrounds.

Aaron Campbell

Your Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer

Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm your Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer for this year!

Since my first year at UEA, I’ve worked hard to make everyone feel like part of our community. I’ve been outspoken on issues regarding diversity, equality and the wellbeing of all students across campus and beyond.Some of my experience before becoming an officer includes:

  • I was a co-founder of the Eradicate Hate Campaign that runs in the SU.

  • I created BAME and LGBTQ+ Groups for Comp-Sci Students.

  • I called out the university on their silence towards the BLM movement.

  • I have been the Equality and Diversity Officer for both the Afro-Carribean Society and Urban Female Movement, as well as the social secretary for basketball and POC officer for Pride.

My Manifesto

Some of my key manifesto points include:

  • Reducing the use of terms such as POC and BAME and instead recognising and working to address the individual struggles faced by the very different groups of people within these very over generalising labels;

  • Enabling students to help one another particularly in areas like mental health (wtith support groups and mental health courses);

  • Ensuring the SU is quick to speak up about issues affecting the global community as well as providing support and resources;

  • Ensure that the thoughts and needs of students who spend a significant amount of time away from campus, like those who have placements (i.e. HSC students) and students who commute, are heard and dealt with;

  • Ensuring that all students are supported sufficiently when we *hopefully* begin to adjust back to life post-pandemic. Working to expand the eradicate hate campaign to include features such as training on microagressions and discrimination.

Aaron Campbell

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