Report and Support: Reporting on and off campus

Access to Report and Support Website 

written by Amelia Trew, Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer

UEA Students' Union have a series of established campaigns like Never Ok, Safer Taxi and Alcohol Impact all designed to help create an environment that is safe and where is something happens, you can get help and support if you want it. 

As part of our work to create a safe environment both on and off campus, staff at the SU and UEA have been working together to develop a strategic approach to understanding and tackling violence, harassment and hate crime affecting students at UEA.  

We recognise that these types of behaviours can have a significant impact on you and your mental health and wellbeing and how hard it can be to find out the information that you need, when you need it. So, we have been working hard on creating one place where you can find all the information that you need, if you or someone you know has experienced any kind of violence, harassment or hate crime. 

The website is called Report & Support and it contains info on: 

  • How you can seek help and what types of support are available to you 

  • How you can make an anonymous report if you just want to tell someone that you’ve experienced something that’s made you feel uncomfortable 

  • How you can seek help and support for someone else. 

There is also information on what processes the UEA must undergo to tackle violence, harassment and hate crime, in all its forms. 

If you want to browse all the relevant campaigns that the SU runs and see how they work and what they can help you with, it is also worth giving it a gander.  

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