Settling in at UEA

Moving to a new city or starting at univeristy can be a daunting experience and nerves can build up ahead of your arrival. At buddy(su) we are here to support before you arrive and throughout your first year to make sure any concerns can be dealt with and you have all the information you need to make the most of your time at UEA. However there are some top tips for settling in at UEA: 

  • It's important to take time before you arrive to think about what you want to get out of Welcome Week and your first semester. You won't always have the free time available in your first year and planning can help you get involved without burning out. University is a bit of a juggling act, but don’t worry too much about mastering it right away. There’s a lot to balance, from studying, socialising, working, staying in touch with family, and looking after yourself. Eventually, you’ll find the best way to manage it all, but it might take a bit of trial and error. Don’t get too stressed out with figuring it all out as soon as you arrive.
  • Getting involved with different clubs, societies and student groups is a great way to meet new people and try something new. At UEA we hold two welcome fairs in September and January where you find out what activities are happening on campus, meet your school's academic society and meet other people interested in the same things as you! From rock climbing, knitting, to choirs, theatre and dance – you can try your hand at pretty much anything at UEA with over 300 clubs and societies. It’s a great way to enrich your personal life and these activities are also a great way to make meaningful friendships in an authentic way. And trust us - make the most of your free time in your first year!
  • You'll most likely meet lots of people in your accomodation, on your course or around campus throughout the first semester. There's a lot of pressure to meet your best friends on your first day at uni, but for most students the reality is it takes a little longer ot meet the people that will becoming lifelong friends. So don’t worry if you don’t find “your people” right at the start of your uni experience. You may meet people much more suited to you in your second term, or even into your second or third year!

What is it like settling in with buddy(su)? 

Hello there!

My name is Mirela and I am a first-year Energy Engineering student here at UEA. I have been nervous about university ever since I graduated high-school back in Romania almost 5 months ago (and oh, that feels like a long time ago!). However when I finally arrived here, I realized there was nothing I needed to worry about.

My first days at univeristy were actually amazing! And that’s because I started discovering the surroundings and getting used to my new home. The first activity I got involved into was a campus tour organized by buddy(su). It allowed me to walk around and familiarize with the different amenities that UEA has to offer: the bar, the shops, the lecture halls; we also came across the lake and I made a new friend.

However, homesickness came along during the next weeks and I was terribly missing my family, my cat and my friends, and all the things I once knew. Not only was I sad, but I also started feeling restless. So, one day I found out there was a Wellbeing Workshop going on and I thought I could give it a try. And I’m glad I did. I got two hours to clear my mind, met a new friend that I connected with immediately –  I never thought I’d connect with someone that quickly – and had the chance to spend a whole hour with Boomer- a.k.a the cutest dog ever!

All in all, this is my experience with UEA and buddy(su) so far. Am I excited?


Am I missing home?

Every day!

But I am starting to understand that my missing home doesn’t mean I can't enjoy the present and the present has so many things to offer!