Basketball Men


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Committee for 2018-2019:

President: Harry Mullender (

Vice President: Jardel Kerr (

Treasurer: Nicholas Peroulakis (

Secretary: Nathan Beale (

1st Team Captain: Jardel Kerr (

2nd Team Captain: Nathan Beale (

Social Secretary: Raman Rajakumar (

Health & Safety Officer: Marcus Pattenden (

Training Sessions: 

- Mondays 20:20/20:40-22:20 in the Main Arena of the Sportspark (Open Session)


-Tuesday 7:00am - 9:00am (Shooting & Skills Training, Team Only)


- Friday at 7:00am - 9:00am (Shootaround, Open Session)

- Fridays at 19:40-21:00 in the Main Arena of the Sportspark (Team Training Session)

- Sundays at 20:20-22:20 in Haydn Morris Hall of the Sportspark (Team Training Session / Game Day)


Mondays and Friday mornings are the open sessions for all club members, everyone in the club is welcome to attend! Friday evening, Tuesday morning and Sunday evening is when our BUC’s teams train! 


The First team competes in BUCS Divison 2, Norfolk Local League Division 1, and the Norfolk Cup.

The Second team competes in BUCS Division 3 and the Norfolk Local League Division 2.

If you're not interested in joining the team, feel free to just drop by on Mondays at the Open Session!

All BUCS games happens on Wednesdays


Apart from trainings and playing, we organise many socials throughout the year as well and all club members are welcome to attend! We plan socials such as watching NBA games through live stream together, and we also group along with the UEA Women's Basketball Club for joint socials! 


We will be at the Sports Fair on the 26th of September, please come and meet our Committee members and find out more information about the club, and sign up on the day! We look forward to seeing you!


No elections are currently running