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Welcome to UEA Karate




Shotokan karate is a martial art that has spanned over hundreds of years and is practiced worldwide. We focus on self-defence and competition karate alongside more traditional styles. With a 4th Dan head instructor we offer high quality and very low cost training that is unparalleled across the area. All styles of martial art are welcomed, alongside complete beginners. UEA Shotokan Karate is run by a volunteer committee of 7 members, alongside 1 head coach and 2 assistant coaches.


Taster Sessions:

We encourage anybody who is interested in joining us to attend a FREE "give-it-a-go" sessison at the start of the year. This years sessions are:

  • Thursday 27th September 2018 - 7-9pm
  • Sunday 30th September 2018 - 1-3pm

These sessions are designed to allow you to meet other members and decide if karate is for you.

Training Sessions:

Training fees for regular sessions are covered in the membership price.

Training sessions take place twice a week:

  • Thursday - 8:40-10:20pm
  • Sunday - 1-4pm

All sessions take place in the Kiff Mattheson suite at the Sportspark. Throughout the year we will also be hosting guest instructors from outside clubs. Details of these events willl be available on the facebook page.

We encourage you to check the facebook page before attending each session as some events may impact training times. All information regarding timetable changes will be provided this way.


Health and Safety

All members must purchase a martial arts license when training with UEA Karate. This is a uniform measure across any reputable martial arts club nationwide. A martial arts license protects you in the event of you incurring an injury or to you causing one in self defence outside of a dojo. Licenses from previous clubs that are still in date are accepted. If you are a new member the price for a years licence through KUGB is £27, you can apply for a licence by clicking here. 

Licenses will be checked after the first month of training, past this time any members without licenses will be turned away as a matter of health and safety. Please make sure you have one!



UEA Karate competes at the British Universities and Colleges Sport every year in February. Last year we received 2 medals and each year we aim to add at least one more! Travel to Sheffield (the Karate venue) and accomodation are covered by the union and club budgets so have no personal cost to members. All members are encouraged to attend however competition spaces are limited so where positions are over-subscribed members will have to compete to get the spot. The exception to this is Team kata due to the amount of preparation needed to form a solid team, usually kata teams have prepared starting the year before so to compete any given year you should be aiming to be training for at least a year beforehand to take the club spot.



If you have any questions about any of the information posted here, or anything that has not been covered, please contact us on the e-mails listed below. Usually it is best to e-mail personal e-mail accounts rather than the club account as they are more regularly monitored. If you do not here from us within 48 hours please post on our facebook page also linked below and a committee member will handle your query as quickly as possible.


President, Secretary and Social Sec: - Daniel Simpson - daniel.j.simpson@uea.ac.uk

Treasurer: Harrison Bullett - h.bullett@uea.ac.uk

Club e-mail - UEAKarate2016@uea.ac.uk - Please use the above e-mails for a faster response time!

Facebook page: UEA Karate 


Thanks for visiting the page, we hope to see you in one of our sessions soon! 



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