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Fancy trying a new sport?

Come and try the Olympic martial art of Judo! You may have seen it in the Rio Olympics 2016, it's an exciting and dynamic Japanese martial art focussed on grappling, throwing, pins and submissions. It is an all inclusive sport that has seen many sucesses for Team GB in recent years, Team GB won a silver medal at the UK 2012 Olympics and a bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Or try out our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it is possibly the world's quickest growing sport and is heavily used in the UFC. A fast paced sport, it is derived from ne-waza (groundwork), pins and joint locks in Judo, it is soley focussed on submission victories.

Both martial arts are highly effective in developing your fitness, confidence and skill. All sessions can cater towards multiple skill levels and more training is available at our parent clubs: Norwich Premier Judo Club and Norwich BJJ team. 

Come and join us in Congragation Hall, our training times are:

Monday 6-8pm (Judo technique training)

Wednesday 5-7pm (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Friday 7-9pm (Competitive Judo)


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President & Judo Coach:  Anouk Spreckelsen Brown (a.spreckelsen-brown@uea.ac.uk) 

Vice President & BJJ Secretary:  Sascha Sim (sascha.sim@uea.ac.uk)

Secretary & Social Sec:  Bethany Gedge (Bethany.Gedge@uea.ac.uk)

Treasurer & Publicity Officer:  Thomas White (thomas.white@uea.ac.uk)

Health & Safety Officer:  Yanis Bensada (Y.Bensada@uea.ac.uk)

Union Council Rep:  Eleesha Kyriazis (E.Kyriazis@uea.ac.uk)

Freshers' Rep: Pedro Antunes (P.Antunes@uea.ac.uk)


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