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We provide an opportunity for UEA students to take part in the sport of Fencing. Providing an opportunity for beginners, experienced, advanced or social fencers to learn from professional and student coaches. All three weapons are catered for: Foil, Epee and Sabre. UEA Fencing is consistently one of UEA's top performing BUCS teams as well as conducting extensive outreach work with local schools, clubs and the UEA outreach department. As well as fencing we have an active social side to the club with our Socials Secs organising socials throughout the year from bar crawls to lazer tag. En Guarde!



For new/ prospective fencers: 

We have 2 sessions per week:

Monday - Hall 2 - 7:40pm - 10:20pm.  Beginners courses take place on this session.

Wednesday - Hall 1 - 5:40pm - 7:40pm.  Intermediate fencing and team training sessions. 

Fully paid members can attend either of the sessions, there will be coaches for independent lessons and pistes out for free fencing. 

On Wednesdays, for intermediate and advanced members, Norfolk Fencing Club have 10 slots paid for by UEA fencing, which can be filled by any members. So, if you want an extra 2 hours of fencing on a Wednesday, their sessions run from 7:40pm - 9:40pm just after our sessions end.

Our first fencing session for beginners is a one off Give-it-a-Go session on Saturday Wk1 (30/09/17). This session is free to attend and is at 3:00pm - 5:00pm, so come along to try out all three weapons. The next Give-it-a-Go session is for beginners to try Foil and is on Monday Wk2 (02/10/17). This session is also a free taster session for everybody to get to know what fencing is all about and to begin learning how to use a foil. After Monday sessions the beginners, intermediates, and advanced members all usually go to the bar for drinks.



If you are interested in fencing Epee or Sabre then you can try these weapons out at the free Give-it-a-Go session on Weds Wk2 (04/10/17). The beginner's courses in all three weapons will then start on Mon Wk3 (09/10/17) with the course lasting around 6 weeks and where you will be brought up to an intermediate level. These courses are held on the Monday sessions beginning on the 09/10/17 session, afterwhich beginners will be able to attend the more advanced sessions on Wednesdays as well as the Norfolk Fencing Club slots. 

A full membership is £25, with which you can attend all of our sessions, fence freely, take part in our ladders, and use our equipment if you need to. All beginners’ courses are only £15, and last 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks you'll be trained in your weapon to an intermediate level on the Monday sessions, and you'll be able to get to know the club. If you then want to go on and become a full member of the club and to continue fencing with us, you can then simply pay the extra £10 and become a full member of the club without any extra fee or hassle.

Please note for the time being you can only take part in one beginners course (Foil/Epée/Sabre) as they are all held on the Monday sessions simultaneously, be sure to try out our GIAG sessions to get a feel of which weapon you would like to learn. 

Furthermore, like all other clubs and sports at UEA, you will first need a SAM (Sports Association Membership), which you can either purchase online through the UEA SU website, or at the Sportmart.


Fencing Club Committee For Academic Year 2017/18

President - Sammi Lai

Vice President and Union Rep -  Luke Hewerdine

Treasurer - Oskari Linderborg

Secretary - Ben Bone 

Women's Team Captain - Natalie Jones 

Men's Team Captain - Alan Wong

Social Secretary and Health and Safety Officer: Tom Baragwanath

Social Secreatary: Cameron Willson

Ladder Organiser: Rachel Simons




Facebook - www.facebook.com/groups/218800151521848/?fref=ts 

Twitter - @UeaFencing

Email - ueafencing@gmail.com 

Any queries, regarding UEA Fencing Club, or anything you believe we have missed out, please do contact our Secretary, at b.bone@uea.ac.uk.


Thank you, and we look forward to fencing with you 


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