Ultimate Frisbee


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Ultimate Frisbee

If you want to explore a new sport, Ultimate Frisbee is the one to try! Ultimate is an intense sport, but it’s also very newcomer friendly.

Ultimate is an exciting, mixed gender, non-contact team sport, played by thousands all over the world in Open, Mixed and Women’s teams. Ultimate is a fast-paced game, demanding its players to develop razor-sharp throwing skills and immense stamina and agility. The sport is self-refereed and promotes Spirit Of The Game (SOTG); this means players know the game and rules inside out and understand the meaning of fair play.


Aye-Aye is our club name; named after the nocturnal primate, which gives you a clue as to our social activity! 

Aye-Aye is a unique club because there is something for everyone. If you are the competitive type, there are plenty of serious and fun tournaments, for all ability levels, as well as our weekly BUCS fixtures. If you just want to come along for the ride, we have plenty of (infamous) socials and relaxed chuck-abouts.

Social life

You will meet lots of amazing people in our continuously expanding club!

We are known for our inclusive, friendly atmosphere, exemplified by our (often themed) socials, allowing the newcomers to make friends with the existing members and become integrated into the large closely-knit family that is Aye-Aye. Our plan for socials throughout the year is extensive so come along to see them in all their glory!


  • Colney Lane (outdoor sessions)

    • Wednesday: 13:30-16:00

    • Saturday 13:30-16:00

  • Sports Park (indoor sessions)

    • Thursday: 21:00-22:20

    • Sunday: 20:20-22:20


We enter competitive regional events which occur over weekends in the men's, women's and mixed divisions. Men's outdoor BUCS fixtures are played home and away on Wednesday afternoons. We also enter fun tournaments, which are great for improving newcomer's frisbee skills (and partying prowess).

Aye-Aye Open

Aye-Aye Open (AAO) is our very own fun tournament, normally organised in January. Anyone can play in this tournament because we are the hosts! Teams from all over the country come to the Sports-Park for some top quality indoor Frisbee, and later the LCR for a massive (themed) party. 


Join our Facebook page for all club news including training, tournaments, the social calendar and more.

https://www.facebook.com/UEAUltimateFrisbee/                <-- Promo page

https://www.facebook.com/groups/ueaultimate                   <-- Group page

https://www.facebook.com/groups/2208264022729666/     <-- Freshers page

Contact a committee member directly on the club email - ayeayeultimate21@gmail.com

PM any one of us directly on Facebook - 

  • President - Vincenzo Mann
  • Vice President/Secretary - Susie Featherstone
  • Treasurer - Katie Stewart
  • Captains - Brian Lau & Saki Sato
  • Coach - Ewan Wickson
  • Social Secretary - Jd Grim
  • Publicity Officer - Veronica White
  • Tournament Director - James Houghton
  • Union Representative/Health and Safety Officer - Jasmine Anderson
  • Equality and Diversity Champion - Katie Stewart