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The UEA Yoga Club is for all students who have an interest in Yoga - whether you are trying yoga for the first time, or have a long term passion, everyone is welcome!
Our membership fee is £25 for the whole year and you can come to as many classes as you like (that's over 12 hours of yoga a week)! You will also need to purchase SAM membership (Sports Association Membership) for £50 which is needed to join any sports club at UEA - if you have bought SAM for another club then you do not need to buy it again for yoga.
To buy a SAM membership:
‌• 17.00-18.20 (all levels)
• 18.30- 19.50 (Intermediate/advanced)
@ Crome Court common room
Taught by: Finn Boykew
Style: Power Yoga / Yin Yoga
These classes will be taught in 6 week blocks designed to improve each individual's practice. Each week, new concepts of yoga will introduced as the classes gradually get more involved. The style of power yoga will build strength, flexibility and stamina as well as mental concentration. This is balanced by yin yoga, a more meditative style, to deepen the practice. The philosophy of the class follows principals from the yoga sutras and mindfulness meditation in the style of Jon Kabat Zinn.
*This room is carpeted however it is advisable to bring your own mat.
• 17.30-19.20 (all levels)
@ KMS Room Sportspark
Taught by: Hazel Hutton
Style: Vinyasa Flow
The word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way”. It will include flowing through a sequence of postures aiming to connect our movement with our breath which will help to develop awareness of our own bodies, increase flexibility and build strength. There will be relaxation at the end, your body will cool down so it's advisable to bring something warm to cover yourself with. This class is suitable for all levels from complete beginners to more experienced.
*This class is at Sportspark and there are mats available although it's advisable to bring your own.
• 17:00-18.20 (all levels)
• 18:30- 19.50 (all levels)
@ Julian Study Centre Room 2.03
Taught by: Anush Rajagopal
Style: Sivananda Yoga
Compromises of a couple of breathing practice, sun salutations which helps to warm up the body and regulate breathing followed by 12 basic asanas or postures which engage every body part thereby providing a holistic experience. The focus is on relaxing the body by trying to regulate the breathing which we can do better if the body is fit. Additionally, the level of the class can increase with your practice.
*This room is carpeted however it is advisable to bring your own mat.
• 17.00-18.20 (all levels)
• 18.30- 19.50 (all levels)
@ Crome Court common room
Taught by: Anna Wyatt
Style: Ashtanga
Ashtanga Yoga combines strength, flexibility and stamina in a single sequence, which is linked with the breath throughout. Ashtanga can be adapted to suit your level, and eventually you will naturally learn the sequence - then you can use it as your own practice if you wish. Whether you've never tried yoga before, or you're familiar with the Ashtanga sequence already, you are welcome in the class.
*This room is carpeted however it is advisable to bring your own mat.
• 10.00-11.20 (all levels)
@ Constable Terrace common room
Taught by: Ismat Imaa
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Please send us an email to the address if you have anything you'd like to ask us!
Once you've purchased a membership, you can also join our 'Members Only' Facebook group where we will be posting information about socials, trips and events:
We also try to post regularly on our Instagram page!
We look forward to seeing you all,
Berce Sezer
Vice President:
Alice Tomlinson
Emily Thirkettle
Treasurer and Health and Safety Officer:
Zoë Nicholas 
Social Sec:
Maya Jakes
Union Rep / Social Sec 2:
Aina Akmalieva



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