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Our yoga club is aimed at all members of UEA who have an interest in Yoga - whether you are trying yoga for the first time, or have a long-term passion, everyone is welcome!

TIMETABLE FOR 2018/2019 

•17.00-18.20 (all levels) 
•18.30- 19.50 (Intermediate/advanced)

Taught by: Finn Boykew
Style: Power Yoga / Yin Yoga

Each week, new concepts of yoga will introduced as the classes gradually get more involved. The style of power yoga will build strength, flexibility and stamina as well as mental concentration. This is balanced by yin yoga, a more meditative style, to deepen the practice. The philosophy of the class follows principals from the yoga sutras and mindfulness meditation in the style of Jon Kabat Zinn.


• 17.30-19.20 (all levels)

Taught by: Pema Clark
Style: Vinyasa Flow

The class explores yoga postures through a flowing sequence to help students develop more awareness of their own energy and the innate intelligence of the body. Developing both strength and flexibility, each posture is in service to finding release at the centre of the body through exploring the relationship between gravity and the breath. Suitable for all levels of experience, variations are offered to suit individual practitioners. The class also incorporates pranayama (breath regulation) and mindfulness meditation techniques. 


• 17:00-18.20 (all levels)
• 18:30- 19.50 (all levels)
@ Bookable Room 6 - first come first serve!

Taught by: Gosia Flow
Style: Hatha/Yin/Vinyasa

A blend of traditional asana, pranayama and meditation practices combined with a subtle touch of fresh and freestyle exploration. In these curious and playful, yet deliberate sequences of mindful yang movement with yin stillness we use breath and feeling as the main tools to increase awareness. Each class is aimed at assisting you in finding and amplifying the inner and outer strength, flexibility and/or balance, depending on what you need at any given moment in time. The teacher’s intention is for you to leave the class feeling more aligned and radiant with life.


• 17.00-18.20 (all levels)
• 18.30- 19.50 (all levels)

Taught by: Berce Sezer
Style: Hatha

The purpose of Hatha yoga is to prepare the body and mind to sit in meditation (for hours on end). However, to be able to do this we do require strength(!), flexibility, correct alignment and a calm mind.  Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures that helps bring us to this, thus the style is endlessly adaptable to our needs. In these classes, with controlled breathing, we will be holding postures and creating sequences of postures that will bring awareness to the needs of our bodies; in hope that we will finish feeling loosened and relaxed, ready for our concluding relaxation.

• 10.00-11.20 (all levels)
@ Bookable Room 1

Taught by: Paul Southam
Style: Yin/Hatha

Welcoming your body and mind to the weekend ahead while having fun along the way! Sessions start with a sequence of Hatha postures that we hold long enough to reinvigorate, awaken and balance the flow of energies in the body. This is followed by a set of chilled-out Yin style postures that restore and nourish. The session concludes with a deep relaxation that allows us to float off into the weekend with a smile. Suitable for everyone and all levels.


Please send us an email to the address if you have anything you'd like to ask us!

Our membership fee is:  £25 for the whole year and you can come to as many classes as you like (that's over 12 hours of yoga a week)! 

*You may also purchase a half-year membership for £12.50.

You will also need to purchase SAM membership (Sports Association Membership) for £50. This is needed to join any sports club at UEA - if you have bought SAM for another club then you do not need to buy it again for yoga.

*Half-year SAM memberships can be purchased by emailing

To buy a SAM membership:…/…/sportsassociationmembership/


To buy yoga membership:


-Once you've purchased a membership, you can also join our 'Members Only' Facebook group where we will be posting information about socials, trips and events:

-We also try to post regularly on our Instagram page!


We look forward to seeing you all!



Berce Sezer
Vice President:
Lauren Woodcock
Rebecca McDonnell
Hazel Hobbs
Social Sec:
Madeleine Bonella
Union Rep
Abbie Cairns


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