A Night to Remember



Here is the Night to Remember Booklet

Here is the Club Soda - Mindful Drinking for Inclusive Social Events Booklet  

 Current Picture:

78% of students agree that you don’t need to get drunk to have a good night

75% of students don’t like socialising with people who drink too much, as they can ruin a night out.

70% of students feel pressured by friends to drink more.

73% of students worry more about their actions when they have been drunk.

(NUS Alcohol Impact Survey, 2017-2019).


So what has UEA(su) done?

We have launched A Night to Remember Campaign to make your university experience as inclusive and accessible as possible. A night to Remember will help you to keep on socialising, having fun, and meeting new people – while remembering it in the morning! This isn’t about getting students to stop drinking. It’s about creating a positive culture of responsible drinking on and off campus, changing attitudes towards alcohol, and continuing to provide a safe community for all students.

We have partnered up with a number of companies in Norwich to bring you discounted event packages that clubs and societies can choose from to run non-alcohol focused socials. 

Current offers for Clubs and Societies: