elections and handover

Elections and Handovers


Every year, clubs and societies must democratically elect their new committees for the next academic year. All elections run by the SU are hosted on the SU website with nominations and voting taking place online. 


SU Committee Election Timeline 2020/21

This year our elections timeline is as followed:


Nomination Period

Voting Period 

First Year Representative Elections



 Nomination period opens 19th October 10 A.M. and closes 25th October 10 P.M.  



Voting opens on the 26th October 10 A.M. and closes the 1st November 10 P.M. 


Committee Club and Society Elections for 2021/22


  Nominations opens on the 15th March 10 A.M. and close on the 28th March 10 P.M.

Voting opens on the 29th March 10 A.M. and closes the 6th April 10 P.M.


For information on our elections, running your own election, and creating a handover, please see the buttons below.