society and club storage

Society and Club Storage


We know that some societies and clubs have a lot of equipment so we have a supply of lockers to help you manage this.


  • Society equipment should be stored in the societies storerooms, which are upstairs in Union House. If your society doesn't have an allocated locker and would like to get one, please contact
  • All equipment should be kept safely in lockers. Things should not stacked on top of them. If equipment is left on the floor then it may be thrown away. Any society found to be making a mess or abusing their storage area will have their locker taken away, so please keep the space clean and tidy. 
  • Clearing out your locker at the end of each academic year is essential. The Opportunities team will send notifications about this. The Opportunities team can help you donate any unwanted equipment to charity.
  • Lockers remain uea(su) property and we reserve the right to conduct spot checks on them at any time.
  • Our locker policy is available here
  • Before we can allocate you a locker, we'll need to check that you are able to meet our locker allocation criteria.



  • Sports equipment should be stored at the Sportspark, the Union Sports store or the kit storage room. Storage of your equipment is dependent on which club you are in. To discuss storage for your club, please contact or your UEA Sport coordinator. 
  • Our locker policy is available here