Tips and tricks to avoid a clique


What is a clique? 

A small close-knit group which tends to exclude outsiders from joining.  

We all fall into the trap of being comfortable and sticking to our small little groups. Whether this is your committee, or your friends- it happens to all of us.  

For example, at society meetings all the committee members usually sit next to each other, and don't integreate with members. This can be seen as cliquey by new members of the society and make it seem like you don't want to include them.  

Of course, this is not the intention of the behaviour, but it can still prevent new members from coming back.


Find out how cliquey your group is here!




Introduce your committee and your society  

  • A powerpoint is always a good way to introduce your committee to new members – make sure to include funny pictures, make it short and fun! 

  • Pictures – bring pictures of events you have done in the past to your first meeting, share some anecdotes and have a laugh.  

  • A leaflet/flyer with all past events and some info members need to know.  

Why is it important to introduce yourself?  

  • Members want to know who you are, what your roles are, or who they can come to if they need something specific.  

  • To make them feel comfortable messaging you and attending events, they will know they have someone to talk to.  


Icebreakers are a good way to get to introduce yourselves and get to know each other better!

  • Simple and easy- Go around the room during your first social and make everyone say their name and one interesting fact about themselves or their favourite meal, because you know, food!  

  • Balloon popping activity – everyone writes a fact about themselves on a piece of paper and puts it inside a balloon, you then fill them up, and then in partners you have to burst the balloon using any body part (before you do this, please ask whether anyone has any problems with the activity). 

  • 2 truths, 1 lie – you ask people to write down or think of two truths and one lie a fact or something personal, you then go around one-by-one and they will say their three facts and everyone else must guess which one the lie is.  

  • Desert Island- build a scenario where you are stranded on a dessert island for a year. You can only take three items with you, a book, a song and one luxury item. Go around the room and ask people what they would take.  

  • Would you rather- write a list of 20 starter questions such as ‘would you rather drink water for the rest of your life or drink anything you want but with a drop of pee on it?’ and ask people to step to the right for one of the choices and to the left for the other. Make sure you don’t make these too controversial! 


Some tips and tricks to avoid a clique 

  • Make sure to sit next to other members in meetings, don’t just join your friends. 

  • Use meetings and socials to get to know your members, ask them questions about their lives, their course. 

  • Be a friend to your new members- remember for some of them, this is the first time away from their parents.  

  • Make sure to invite all members of your society and advertise events in advance - use emails and social media, but also speak in person, if you see someone around campsus or in the library, have a chat and invite them along!

  • During meetings, make sure to include everyone’s opinions and listen to them- ask them what types of socials they want, when they want them to happen and so on.  


Fun and interactive socials are the best way to overcome cliqueyness

First socials: Cliques can be formed because of alcohol!  

Aim to make this as inclusive as possible especially in case you have people who don’t drink, here is a starter list to spark up your own imagination: 

  • Come dine with me – you can be inclusive and have a good meal with this one. You could maybe do this at uni and order food.  

  • Board games night- monopoly, trivia, anything. You could combine this with some pizza! 

  • Bowling night- good way to get the ball rolling and start the New Year! 

  • Cinema run- for those of you who love to watch movies, the smell of melted butter and kettle corns popping.  

  • As an alternative cheaper option, have a movie night at Union House and book a room - get some popcorn from the shop and some pillows and there you go, movie night! 

  • Potluck meal – everyone brings food which they made and you all share it out.  

But here are some other ideas which do include drinking but aren’t about getting drunk  

  • LCR night- these are always very successful, you can pre-drink together and then head for a damn good or A-list worthy night out 

  • This is a good venue to recommend to your members: it is Never Okay accredited and therefore all staff are trained to deal with any problems, and students are more comfortable on campus  

  • Curry night with beer  

  • Cocktail and mocktail making sesh  



  • Put on all your events that drinking is optional

  • Don’t ask questions about why they are not drinking - this might suggest to them that you disapprove