Different Online Platforms & How to run an online event

Online Platforms Provided by the Students’ Union  


The Students’ Union provides each student group with a mini site on the Students’ Union’s main website,  

These mini sites are set up by the Students’ Union upon a group’s affiliation and the space remains active until a group is disaffiliated.   

 The mini site allows student groups to:   

  • Promote their events and activities   

  • Provide information about the purpose of the student group  

  • Hold democratic elections for committee positions  

  • Sell memberships (if applicable to the type of student group) and track memberships purchased  

  • Email members  

  • Sell event tickets and merchandise  

  • Create news articles  


Online Platforms Created by Student Groups  


Student groups may have additional online platforms to promote their activities and/or communicate with their members, such as:  

  • Email addresses   

  • External websites. This is not recommended as you are already provided with a website platform, but it is allowed providing:  

- Clear rationale that the website platform provided, doesn’t meet the needs of your requirements, e.g. live streaming etc. This would need to be approved by the  

- The student group provide the URL link clearly on their UEASU webpage   

- The student group do not administer memberships / products through the external website  

- The purpose of the external website does not overlap with the purpose of the UEASU student group webpage  

- The students group’s UEASU webpage is maintained with up to date information about upcoming events and activities  

  • Social media accounts : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, Twitch,  

  • Group messaging forums such as: Facebook group chats, WhatsApp, Discord 


How to run great, online virtual events

With the introduction of social distancing, how we communicate with people is changing. As face to face events become more challenging to do, using social media is going to be a pivotal communication tool for student groups to engage their members, promote activities and showcase achievements. One of the biggest adjustments for student groups, will be how they run their events this year. There will be a need for all clubs and societies to provide increased digital content and a huge part of that will be running their own virtual/ online events.

To help you, we have put together a how to guide on running virtual events which shows you how to use some of the most popular online platforms, and what you'll need to consider to be able to put on a great, online event.

To view the guide, please click here.