Societies and Sports Exec

we're reopening nominations for academic, performance, medical, peer support and religeous society exec reps - if you're on a committee for one of these societies and are interested in being on societies exec, please read the information below and click here to register your interest.  

The Union is run for and by students, so we think it's only right that committee members should have the opportunity to have their say in how societies and clubs are run!

We have a Societies Exec Committee and Sports Committee, made up of an elected representative for each category of society and club, who meet once a month. Their job is to help decide how to allocate funding to clubs and societies, review applications for new student groups and pass on feedback from students to Union staff, so we can make changes that suit you.

New committees are elected every May and sit on committee for one academic year.

If you have any questions about society grants that aren't answered here, please contact us at 


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How do I apply for a society grant?


Societies Exec 2018 - 19

Your representatives are: 

  • Lucy Golding - Academic societies (Actuarial, American Law, American Studies, Art History, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, Erasmus, History, International Development, Language & Communication Studies, Law, Literature, Maths, Midwifery, NatSci, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Paramedic, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics & Astronomy, Physiotherapy, Politics, Psychology, Speech & Language Therapy)

  • Matthew Walker - Arts & Performance societies (Art, Bellydance, Burlesque, Chinese Drama, Cinema, Circus, Drama, Electronic Music, Filmmaking, Headlights Comedy, Hip Hop, Live Music, Magic, Music, Octarine, Opera, Photography, Reggae Appreciation, Salsa, Showchoir, South Asian Fine Arts, Spoken Word, The Queer Review)

  • N/A - Charities & Campaigns societies (Alzheimers, Amnesty International, BEAT, Big C, Cancer Support, Conservation & Wildlife, Coppafeel, Don't Be A Wasteman, Fairtrade, Foodcycle, Friends of Childreach International, Headucate, Healthy Planet, Kaos, Leeway, Living Wage, Marrow, Mens Health & Welfare, Model UN, Oxfam, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Peace & Freedom, People & Planet, RAG, Red Cross, Save the Children, Sexpression, SSAGO, Students for Global Health UEA, Sustainability, Wateraid)

  • Salmaan Ahmed - Cultural societies (African Youth Development, African-Caribbean, Arab, Azerbaijan, Bengali, Brunei, Bulgarian, Chinese Students & Scholars, French, German, Ghanaian Students, Gujarati, Hellenic, Hong Kong, Indian, Indonesian, International Students, Italian, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korean, Kurdish, Latin American, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Mauritian, Nigerian, Northern, Omani, Pakistani, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Saudi, Scandinavian, Singaporean, Somali, South East Asian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh)

  • Bianca Muresan- Games & Hobbies societies (Anime, Assassins, Bad Film, Baking, Blog, Bowling, Chinese Board Games, Clubbers, Cocktail, Comic Book, Darts, Dharma, Disney, Fashion, Feminist Book Club, Fetish, Food Co-Op, Football Supporters, Friendly Runners Club, Games, Geek, Green Growers, Horror Film, Knitting & Crochet, Laser, Lego, Paintball, Pasta, Poker, Polo, Publishing, Quidditch, Quiz, Re-Bicycle, Real Ale, Rock & Alternative Music, Rooster Teeth, SciComm, Skateboarding, Skydiving, Slackline, Social, SocieTEA, Table Football, Travel, UEA Crossfit, Vegan, Vegbox, Video Game)

  • Eleanor Martin - Media Collective (Concrete, Livewire, UEA:TV)

  • N/A Medical societies (Anaesthetics, Cardiology, Dermatology & Plastics, ENT, Friends of MSF, General Practice, MedSoc, NeuroSoc, Norwich PCP, Obgyn, Paediatrics, Respiratory, Rheumatology & Orthopaedics, Sport & Exercise Medicine, Surgical, Teddy Bear's Hospital)

  • Robert Watson - Peer Support societies (Coeliac & Gluten Free, Nightline, Pride, Student Minds, Umbrella)

  • Anisya Andi Djohar - Personal Development societies (British Sign Language, Commercial Awareness, Consulting, Debating, Enactus, Entrepreneur, Holistic, Investment, LINKS, M.A.S.S., Networking, Rotaract, Tedx, Women In Business)

  • Rubaiyath Reza - Political societies (Conservative, Feminist, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Momentum, Socialist, Think Tank, Womanist, Young Greens)

  • N/A - Religion societies (Amana, Believers Love World, Buddhist, Catholic, Chinese Christian Fellowship, Christian Union, Compass, First Love, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Proclaimers, Quest Christian Group, Radical Youth)

What do the reps do?

The main role a rep has is to be a point of contact for people who are members of societies in their category. They help out students who get in touch with them, whether that's because they're having a problem with their committee or society or just because they'd like to chat about something society-related.

They also help form connections between societies - so if two societies want to work together on an idea for an event, the rep can get the right people together to make it happen!

At their monthly meeting, the reps review new society applications and provide feedback on them. This helps any potential issues get sorted out before Union Council. They also review applications for grant money from societies and decide whether funding should be granted.

What is a society grant?

The Union holds an £10,000 grant pot to fund certain society expenses and activities. If applications meet our grant criteria and there is enough money to fulfil your request, the Society Exec team will approve it. If the grant pot is running low on available funds, or the amount you have applied for is large, the amount of grant funding your society has received in the past two years may be taken into consideration.

How do I apply for a society grant?

Find out how here!


When are the meetings?

Societies Exec meet once every two-four weeks during the academic year - the dates will be published here when they are set.

The next meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 15th January 2019 - all grant applications will need to be sent at least one week before this date to be considered.


This year (2018-2019) funding was granted as follows:

  • Hindu society received £400 for London Zone Garba.
  • Business society received £280 for UEApprentice 
  • Investment society received £435 for a trading seminar in London 
  • Enactus received £250 for the tenner challenge
  • Mauritian society received £750 for transport to Cambridge for a cultural event
  • Actuarial society recieved £350 for travel expenses for alumni speakers and event itself
  • OBGYN society recieved £500 for 'demystifying women's+ health: what university doesn't teach you' conference
  • Actuarial society recieved £650 for raveling to London for an event
  • Live Music society revieved £870 for ZigZag Festival
  • Polo society received £300 for Accomodation at Polo Winter Championship
  • TEDx society received £1150 for external speakers
  • Christian Union received £1000 for Markee for free events for a week



Sports Exec 2018-19


Meet your team for this year! Your representatives for 2018-19 are:

  • Rebekah Howe - Colney Lane (American Football, Baseball & Softball, Cricket, Football Men, Football Women, Rugby Men, Rugby Women, Rugby Touch, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Camille Verrier - Dance & Gymnastics (Ballet, Cheerleading Dance, Cheerleading Stunt, Dancesport, Dancesquad, Gymnastics, Pole Fitness, Tap, Trampolining, Yoga)
  • Oliver Amies - External (Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cycling, Fell, Golf, Ice Skating & Hockey, Pool & Snooker, Riding, Climbing, Snowsports, Waterpolo)
  • Becca De Freitas - Indoor Sportspark (Archery, Badminton, Basketball Men, Basketball Women, Futsal, Dodgeball, Korfball, Squash, Table Tennis, Volleyball)
  • Olivier Kuhl - Martial Arts (Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Fencing)
  • Charlie Albuery - Outdoor Sportspark (Athletics, Hockey Men, Hockey Women, Lacrosse, Tennis, Triathlon, Netball)
  • Ellie Brettell - Watersports (Boat, Kayak, Kitesurfing, Sailing & Powerboat, Sub Aqua, Surf, Windsurfing & Paddleboard, Waterski & Wakeboard, Swimming)

The Sports Exec members are recruited to:

  • Assist clubs to raise awareness across campus of sporting opportunities that they have to offer
  • Facilitate communications amongst clubs, the Union and uea+sport
  • Help A&O Officer and sports clubs to run sports based campaigns
  • Promote big sports events, i.e. Derby Day, Sports Awards
  • Assist the media collective to source articles on club achievements and developments for a number of publications, publicity for outstanding achievements and press releases
  • Facilitate inter-club communication
  • Make sports clubs more inclusive and reach out to liberation/unengaged student groups
  • Be an approachable point of contact for club presidents for those who want support with their activities
  • Encourage clubs to have a variety of different social events, including alcohol-free events
  • Assist uea+sport in monitoring and evaluating competitive club performance and the ongoing development of sports clubs and sports provision for students
  • Review, advise and recommend for grant requests submitted by club presidents
  • Assist, support and advise on the development plans for clubs, as well as reviewing periodically and checking progress against set targets

The members attend bi-monthly Sports Exec team meetings and monthly Presidents meetings, as well as monthly Sports Operation meetings. They also attend sporting events for their representative clubs.

Find out more about sports grants on our Finance pages.

Your Sports Exec are here to support and represent you, so don't be afraid to get in touch with them!