guidance on paying money into your subs account, including paying in cash and paying in donations

paying in money

guidance on paying money into your subs account, including paying in cash and paying in donations

paying in money - cash and donations 


Cash (Due to Covid-19, we highly recommend that you avoid collecting cash)

Where possible, your club and society should not be taking cash payments. See the bullet points below for guidance on collecting cash.

  • Never take money from other society members or committee members. This includes having money sent to personal bank accounts for events or deposits, taking money for products or events on sale on the website, or collecting money for memberships and expense app reimbursements.

  • All payments from your club society members should be taken through the website via ticket sales, product sales or membership sales.  For guidance on setting up events and tickets on the website, see here. For guidance on creating a product on the website, see here. 

  • Cash payments should only be made between society/committee members under exceptional circumstances. For example, if an International student does not have a bank card that works in the UK and will not.


Paying in cash process 

There are some occasions where you may have collected cash, for example, if you ran an event, organised a float and took cash payments on the door, or if you ran a bake sale in the hive. Or, you may have 'old' cash at home belonging to your club and society that you would like to put into your club or society's subs account. If this is the case, please follow the process below.

  • Count the amount of cash you want to pay in and make a note of the amount.
  • Contact to arrange an appointment where you can drop the cash off at the SU office.  
  • Once you have booked your appointment, make sure you come to the office wearing a face mask and, if possible, alone. If you need assistance bringing the cash to your campus, you can bring a friend or fellow committee member who can wait outside of the SU office during your appointment. 
  • After your appointment, our finance team will process the cash and pay it in to your subs account. 


Donations from club or society members 

You may be in a situation where a committee member, or a member of your club and society, wants to donate money from their personal bank account to your subs account. This isn't something we recommend doing regularly we never want members to be out of pocket because of a club or society. However, if you do have a committee member that wants to donate to your subs account, please follow the process below. 


Paying in donations from members process
  • Use this guide to help you set up a product for your club and society using your admin tools. For example, you could make a product called £5 donation product. If someone buys this product, the money will automatically go into your subs account.
  • You can customise the products you set up. For example, If you have a specific individual that wants to donate a large sum, say £100, you could create one donation button of £100 and set the sales limit as 1.
  • You can also use the process for fundraising campaigns. For example, if Alzheimer's society wanted to raise money for Alzheimer's charity, they could create a few donation products and set them at different prices, such as £2, £5, and £10. 
  • Use this guide to help you take your product off of sale if you no longer want the donation product to be on sale.

If you have an exceptionally large amount that you would like to donate to your club or society (£500+), please contact and request a direct payment by BACs. 


Donations from external companies or sponsors

Certain companies may wish to give your club or society money. This is likely if you have a sponsor (for information on sponsors and the best way of securing a sponsorship, please see here). 


Paying in donations from external companies or sponsors process
  • One of your three signatories (President, Treasurer and Secretary) should send an email to su.accounts requesting an invoice to be raised and including the below bullet points. You should CC the other two signatories in your email.
    • The company details (company name, email address, phone number)
    • Name and email of the individual from the company you have made the agreement with
    • The amount the company has agreed to donate (and whether this includes VAT or not)
    • Details of what you have agreed
  • One of the other two signatories should then use the reply all function and reply to the email saying 'I (committee position e.g. secretary) authorise this invoice to be raised'.
  • We only require two approval emails, so once we have received two signatory authorisations via email, we will raise an invoice with the company. When the invoice is paid, the money will automatically appear in your subs account. If the president sends in the initial email, and the secretary responds saying they approve the invoice to be raised, we will raise an invoice without authorisation from the treasurer. This helps speed up the process and ensure everyone gets paid quickly.