Incident Reporting

We have robust reporting mechanisms for health and safety, in order to keep students safe. If there is an incident at your club/society training, meeting or event, we ask that the below form is filled in immediately. It will then automatically come to us to act upon.

You will not get into trouble over an incident where you have undertaken all necessary precautions and it's better that we are informed sooner rather than later in relation to any injuries so that we can help.

Please fill in the form below in the event of an accident or incident:

Section 1



   Email Address: 

   Phone Number: 

   Date and time of incident: 

   Type of Incident:


   Level of Harm:


   Name of member of staff notified:

Details of Witnesses, names, contact details and positions:

Brief description of the event:



Section 2 - Please complete in the event of injury or ill health

Name of injured person, address and contact number:

Injured/ill person type:

Type of Injury:

Other Please Specify: 

Area of body injury sustained e.g.head, leg, ankle, arm: 


Name of first aider:

Ambulance Called Yes/No and time:

Admitted to Hospital Y/N:

Details of First Aid Given:

Further notes if applicable: