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What do we do?

Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups are one of the best bits about being a student. uea(su) has funded these student groups for as long as anyone can remember, and because we’re led by you, it’s unlikely that’s ever going to change.

Through Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups, you can learn new skills and develop existing ones. You can also meet some great people! As you are reading this, it suggests that you are looking to get more heavily involved in your student group. In doing this you are making sure that other students have as fantastic an experience with Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups as you have. For this we are extremely grateful, and more than happy to help you in any way we can over the course of the year.

Getting involved in the organisational side of a Club, Society and Peer Support Group can be even more rewarding and is a great service to your fellow students. So whether you've been left in charge of an existing group, or you want to set up a new one, you should be given all the information that you need. In many cases your group will have been left in a great position by your previous committee; however, our committee hub is here for any questions you may have or to give you information about new areas that you might not have been involved in before.

The Union is here to improve the student experience and to bring what you want into existence. We also love to hear what’s great about what you do and what else you need us to do, so if you have any problems, ideas or things you want to celebrate, just shout!

Your Officer


Camille Koosyial  - Activities and Opportunities Officer -

Hi! I am the Student Activities Officer at uea(su). This means I am responsible for improving the student experience by developing clubs and societies and making sure they are well resourced and have well trained members. Come and speak to me if you have any questions regarding clubs and societies or any student issue. You can find me in the main office upstairs in Union House.



Student Opportunities Team


Alun Minifey - Head of Opportunities -

I oversee all the student activities in the Union. Speak to me about all things clubs, societies, peer support groups, volunteering and enterprise. You can find me in the main office upstairs in Union House.







Victoria Cook - Enterprise & Activities Coordinator -

I can provide support and guidance for all societies, including advice on enterprise, business ideas and event queries. You can find me in the main office upstairs in Union House (I work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).






Goodge Eracleous - Student Groups Coordinator -

 I support clubs, societies and peer support groups with all the things! I can help with expense365 app questions, website queries, storage and general society stuff! I also help clubs and societies pay for things, including kit, socials, external companies and putting money behind the bar. You can find me in the main office upstairs in Union House.







Aden Fry - Student Events Coordinator -

I help facilitate student society events and uea(su) events. I can help with risk assessments, booking spaces, booking external speakers and organising trips. You can find me in the main office upstairs in Union House.







Dale Thomas - Do Something Different Coordinator - 

I run the Do Something Different programme and make sure there are activities every day for students to get involved in. I also run the Do Something Different Festival in February. I can help with running and planning DSD events, promoting your session and providing additional grant funding. You can find me in the main office upstairs in Union House. 













You can reach our whole team, including our student staff, at