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With over 200 societies, we are proud to be represented by such a vibrant, diverse range of student-led groups. We're always keen to expand the opportunities available and love hearing new society ideas from students.

I've got an idea for a new society! Will I be allowed to start it?

  1. We can't approve societies that have the same objectives as any that already exist, so take a look at what's already on offer to make sure you're not duplicating any current societies.
  2. Have a think about whether your idea will actually work as a society - does it create a sense of community, are there lots of topics to discuss and relevant activities you can hold, or would it be better as a social or one-off activity?
  3. Running a society is rewarding, but it's a lot of work - are you committed to spending time on this idea, and do you have a committee to help you run it if your idea gets approved.You'll need a minimum of 5 people. 
  4. We'll want to see you have a plan to keep your society running. If your activities are likely to be quite expensive, you'll have to show us that you've worked out how it will be affordable over a long term period.
  5. As a uea(su) group, you'll need to adhere to the policies our students have created. You also need to remember that all societies are open to all members, so you can't make your society exclusive to students on certain courses or from particular cultural backgrounds.
  6. If you have any queries on setting up a society or want to submit a constitution then please email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  7. If you want to start a sports club, you will need to create it as a society first. You'll need to spend at least one academic year building your society; if after that time you have at least 30 members and can show that you've developed as a group, we can consider making you a sports club. If you want to go down this route, you'll need to speak to James Raywood (Student Sport Manager). Email him at or head to the Sportspark to see him. The Activities & Opportunities Officer will also be able to help you with this.

Between April and September 2019, Societies Executive and Union Coucil (these are the committees that approve your ideas) do not meet and therefore any new society applications cannot be ratified until October 2019.

Do submit new ideas on this page and begin the application process!

  • Can we still apply for a stall at Socieities Fayre? Yes you can, you will still want to advertise yourselves and sell membership at Societies Fayre in September, but be aware that if your soceity is not officially accepted in October, you may need to give refunds to those who paid.
  • How do we get a place at Socieites Fayre? Do not post your new idea anonymously, and we can then contact you in August to apply for a stall.
  • Can we prepare over the summer? Yes, you can begin planning activites and events, but do not spend money! Feel free to set up social media accounts and get promoting your society.
  • Why can't we spend money? Because you are not an official society until you have been approved in October, your finances are not set up.
  • Any other questions? Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

What do you think of my idea for a new society?

Are you keen to make a brand new society happen? Post your idea here and see what people think of it. If 20 people vote your idea up, we'll get in touch with you about getting started!

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    Commuters’ society

      This society is designed to help students who commute to university and do not live on campus or locally to UEA, make new friends and network. This society is also open to students who reside on campus that wish to extend their social network. The aim of this society will be to operate social events for students from and around Norwich who live at home or off of campus whilst studying at UEA, with focus on introducing first year students into new opportunities. . The society would also look towards developing a ‘commuting network’, so students can meet peers who may share similar transport or commuting routes, and encourages the social element of this. The society would also be an option to explore whether the university and the society can promote transport methods to campus and secure further security with transport links or schemes, that may encourage more commuters to university. Socials will also be designed with commuting students in mind, as travel is a key topic that can affect commuter students and their social lives. During the setup phase, should this society be selected for creation, we are open for new ideas and supporters who would like to form a crucial part in both the commuter community and the sentiment and practicality this society can hold.
    Molly Thomson
    1:24pm on 15 Jan 19 Love this idea! Would be really great for a fellow commuter. Without a car it takes me two bus journeys to get to uni taking up to an hour and a half so would be great to meet other people in similar situations.


    I've checked and my society idea meets the criteria - how do I get started now?

    1. First things first, find out who’d be interested! All societies need 20 members, so you should find some people who are keen to join you. The best way to do this is post your idea at the top of this page, so people can comment and vote your idea up. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T SUBMIT IT ANONYMOUSLY - we'll need to contact you! Once you have 20 upvotes, we'll get in touch with you to make it happen. You can also try publicising it on social media.
    2. Get your committee together. You’ll need at least five people on committee and this must include a President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and Union Council Rep. You can also have any other roles you'd like - you might want a Social Secretary or an Equipment Officer, for example. It's also good practice to have a Health & Safety Officer and Equality & DIversity Officer.
    3. Tell everyone what your society’s about. You’ll need to write a constitution, explaining why your society should be created and what you’ll offer students that they can’t get anywhere else. Don’t forget to get the President, Treasurer and Secretary to sign it. Then send it to
    4. The Societies Exec will look at your application at the next meeting they have and give you some feedback, so you can make your constitution really strong.
    5. Your application will go to Union Council to be approved. If it passes, your society will be created and we’ll take it from there! We'll keep in touch while you're getting started so that you get the support you need.


    My society's been approved! What next?

    1. We'll set you up a webpage on the uea(su) societies page. We'll get in touch to ask what your membership price will be and people can then join online. Please remember that committee also need to buy membership on the website or you won't actually be a member of the society! All membership money goes straight into your society account so it all benefits your society.
    2. We'll make you a society subs account, where all your money will be kept. Your committee need to download an app called expense365, which is where you'll keep track of spending. There's some info on this in the committee hub.
    3. We'll invite you to a new society training session, where you'll learn about how to hold events, sell products, get storage space, promote your society and more!
    4. You'll need to keep your membership numbers up, so you might want to go on a recruitment drive! The Freshers Fayres are when a lot of people join societies, but they can join online at any time. You might want to book a stall in the Hive to tell people about your new society, send us some publicity material to put up or hold a Do Something Different session so people can get to know what you do. You should also keep your webpage up to date, as it's the first place many students will look and a blank page can be very offputting!


    If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask the Opportunities team - we're here to help you! Just email or pop into the office and see us.