Pimp My Barrow

The annual fancy dress parade is back to raise money for local cancer charity The Big C. The event has taken place for 10 years and has raised thousands of pounds for the local cause.

The bright and vibrant event attracts thousands of students and community members in one of the largest fundraisers in Norfolk! Students at UEA donate money to take part and dress up in a wonderful collection of outfits, with the addition of a beautiful wheelbarrow.

Why is it important?

The Big C are a local cancer charity that provide fantastic services to individuals and families of those suffering form cancer. They are a leading light in the research of fighting cancer and, with continued support, will make huge strides forward. At UEA Students' Union we also think it's important that students raise money for local causes - and what better way than getting into some fancy dress?

Where did it originate?

The original idea was coined by two UEA students and has developed from a small group who developed the thought for charity a number of years ago and thought it would be funny to dress up and take a wheelbarrow with them! The legacy of that day is the Pimp my Barrow you see today. Those two amazing alumni are Tom Tapper and Paul Wheeler.

This year's event details:

The 2017 event will take place on Saturday 13th May, starting in the usual location at the Square.

How do I enter a team?

Visit the event page here to buy a ticket. You’ll be able to purchase your team and/or individual ticket online (and only online) from then. Tickets will be on sale from 24th March from 8am and 8pm.

How many people can you have in a team?

You can have as many people in a team as you want. A team tickets covers 5 team members and then you can purchase individual tickets to increase the size of your team.

How much are the tickets?

  • Team tickets will be £40
  • Individual tickets will be £10

What’s the difference between a team and an individual ticket?

A team ticket is a ticket for 5 people on the same team. An individual ticket is for 1 person who can join a team of their choosing.

Fancy Dress Guidelines 

You will be asked to declare your fancy dress as part of your ticket purchase - please provide exact details of your fancy dress. Please refrain from any contentious fancy dress options - guidance can be found here on this.

Raising Awareness

The Big C are hoping to improve publicity for the event this year to raise awareness of their charity and how you all help raise money for their charity through this event.

They will be giving out information when you collect your wristbands, as well as having their publicity people about on the day taking photos.

As part of this we would like you to pre-register your costumes so that we can then arrange to get photos of the best and most original barrows for Big C publicity and local newspapers. As extra incentive for creativity, we will be giving out prizes for the most original barrow (alongside the best barrows on the day and for the race at the park). When you purchase your team ticket you will be asked what your team theme / costumes will be. If you are not sure when you buy your tickets, you can put “tbc” and let us know nearer the time. We will need to know before you collect your wristbands. 

Does the ticket price include that night’s AList?

No - It never has! You’ll need to purchase your ticket to AList separately on our website.

Remember this is all for a great cause and the spirit of the day is to raise as money money as possible for a fantastic charity - so have fun!