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our society:

Even though most of our members are greek-speakers, there are loads of people who join us just for fun and to get to know us! This is afterall the purpose we existHolding events with various others societies so as to interact and mix with people from all over the world!

Join us to experience a taste of the greek lifestyle at UEA. You won't regret it !!!


We plan on organising many different kind of events and socials!

JOIN and keep checking our facebook page! Link on the right -> https://www.facebook.com/UEA-Hellenic-Society-2155463528013724/

Some of the events and socials that will take place this year are:

  • RnB and Greek Night events at clubs
  • Trips to other cities (Cambridge, Essex etc)
  • Bowling nights
  • BBQ along greek food (MEZE)!
  • Zip-lining
  • Paintball
  • Trampolines
  • and some other surprises that we can't reveal at the moment! Stay tuned!

your committee:

President- Christos Sylikiotis

Secretary/Vice- Rafaella Papadopoulou

Treasurer- Neophytos Pattichis

Health and Safety- Alexandros Gregoriades

Equality and Diversity- Alexandros Gregoriades

Sport Coordinator - Andronicos Stylianou 

Freshers' Representative - Nicolas Seraphim


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