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Welcome to the Somali Society!

Nala soo Xirir!! 

The Somali society at UEA ardently welcomes you to our extraordinarily vibrant culture, brimming with a rich and beautiful history. As a minority we are extremely underrepresented in society and even more so in Norwich. We want to be able to showcase our wonderful traditional clothes, our mouthwatering cuisine and our refreshing way of life at the forefront of UEA. The Somali society is the place to be, whether you intrinsically identify as Somali or not.

Soo dhawow!

Below are your committee members:

President - Safa Mohammed
Vice president - Hasina Ali
Secretary - Sabrin Mohamud 
Treasurer - Hamza Farah
Health and Safety -  Hasina Ali
Publicity Officer / Union council rep - Ikram Ali

Sports Rep: Abdirashid Osman

General Committee: Raheem Abdi