Language and Communication Studies (LCS)


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Welcome to UEA Language and Communications Studies Society!

The UEA LCS Society is newly reformed society, and we're back with bigger ideas than ever! If you're in UEA's Language and Communications School, interested in learning a new language or even just want to meet some new people then we can't wait to meet you! We will have socials running throughout the year so give our facebook page a like to stay up to date!

What will we do for you?

  • Provide a place for you to meet other LCS students outside of class and encourage across years integration and sharing of knowledge/ expertise.
  • Help and support our members with any questions or queries you may have about language learning, communications careers, Erasmus experiences or general university life.
  • Run regular and varied socials that will range from nights out on campus or in the city to day trips, quizzes and cultural experiences (TBA!!).
  • Support our members who are either incoming Erasmus students or those who are planning on going in the future.
  • Regularly update our social media pages with opportunities for students who are interested in languages or communications.

We would love to meet you, so if you have any questions send us an email or send us a message on our facebook page and we'll get back to you.

Full Year Membership: £5

Your Committee:

President: Emma Watkins
Vice President: Eloise Crockett
Treasurer: Josh Smith
Secretary: Orla Condra
Social Secretary: Laoise Hill
Vice Social Secretary: Maizie Wythe
Union Representative: Lucy Dewar
Health and Safety Officer: Marcus Ketley
Equality and Diversity Officer: Maria Aranda Bravo


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