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Welcome To Bowling Soc 2021/22

Bowling Society meet regularly once a fortnight (usually Mondays) for a fun evening of bowling at Hollywood Bowl at Riverside. Come meet some new people, bowl, and get to know Norwich!

This is a relatively new society (the 3 year-old brainchild of Charlie, Dan and Yousef), but we have had successful first, second years and want to offer a similar experience to new members this year. Bowling events are usually casual, but we may be introducing some competitive elements from time to time.

If you're looking for a group of friendly people who appreciate the joys of throwing a ball down a lane at ten pins, causing them to fall over, then this is the society for you!

Join our Facebook group here:

Our Twitter account is: @BowlingUEA

Our Instagram is: UEABowlingSociety19

Committee 2021/22:

President - Molly Howes

Vice President/Union Rep & Secretary - Mathieu Lumley

Equality and Diversity Officer - Anisha Ahmed

Treasurer - Stewart Brown

Health and Safety Officer - 


No elections are currently running