Coeliac and Gluten Free


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A society for people who are gluten free for whatever reason, whether coeliac, intolerant, or otherwise.

Our aim is to bring people together over fears of dry bread and disintergrating cake, to share experiences of gluten free out in Norwich to release you from the confines of your own kitchen, and to make the UEA campus a more accessible place for us. We hold socials both on campus (where free food will be available) and, if there is demand, out in the city. So we hope to see you at our next social, over a slice of cake (or pizza)!

This year we are bringing out a recipe book with discounts to local stores in it.

This terms socials include: a toastie taster, games soc collab, baking soc collab, Kinda Kafe meal and a study sesh with tasters!


President + Secretary : Rhiannon Leighton and Marina Shishkin

Treasurer: Samantha Quick

Health and Safety Officer: Amber Adamson


Feel free to contact us on our facebook page with any questions.