The Queer Review


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An upcoming publication at UEA that's all about queer literature! Featuring book reviews, opinion pieces, new releases, creative writing, TV and film.

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Editor-in-chief and President: Yaiza Canopoli
Deputy editor and Vice-president: Beverly Anne Devakishen
Illustrator and Secretary: Miles Atkinson
Illustrator and Treasurer: Isabelle Siddle 
TV & film editor and Health and Safety Officer: Chloë Murrell


Queer Review Literature Festival: Launch Exhibition
The Hive
With the start of the Literature Festival, come along to the launch of the fifth (!) issue of The Queer Review, all about queer non-fiction!
Queer Review Literature Festival : Book Crawl
The Book Hive, Norwich
Join us for a chill few hours hunting for great (hopefully gay) books in the city of Norwich. We're meeting at The Book Hive in town at 1 pm!
Queer Review Literature Festival : Blind Date with a Book
We have something extra special planned just before Valentine's Day over at The Queer Review!
Queer Review Literature Festival: Queer Academic Panel
Join us as we speak with some fantastic academics from UEA about researching queerness, interpreting sexuality and gender, and diversity in the curriculum.
Queer Review Literature Festival :Creative Writing Workshop
Have you ever wondered how to write LGBT+ stories?
Queer Review Literature Festival : Boy Erased Cinema Trip
Vue Norwich
For our film-themed event we are heading to Vue (Norwich) to watch the adaptation of Boy Erased. Plenty of time for you to get a hold of the book too! *Time of screening TBC*
Queer Review Literature Festival : Open Mic Night
We are ending the Queer Literature Festival on a quiet note, chilling with some low-key poetry and music. If you are interested in performing, get in touch with us on Facebook (The Queer Review).

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