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Welcome to UEA Persian Society!

This is the first official year for Persian Society and we want to invite everyone to join our growing family. Get your taste buds ready for our flavourful food nights and our entertaining film screenings!

Our official list of events for this year are:
- Curry Night and Chill
- Shabe Yalda Social
- Chahar Shambe Suri
- Nowruz/Persian New Year
- Go Global
- KAOS Fashion Show
Plus many more colabs with other UEA societies!

Regardless of whether you identify as Persian or not, we would love to have you join our events!

Our committee for 2018/19 are:

President: Reyhaneh Hedayat

Secretary: Sepi Noohi

Treasurer: Sara Lary

Social Secretaries: Rishad Ali and Sara Sabzikari

Equality and Diversity Officer: Sara Sabzikari

Union Council Rep: Sam Sadat

No elections are currently running