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Forró is a partner dance from the Northeast of Brasil, which recently experienced a boom all across Europe and even beyond. Some say that it shares some features with Salsa and Argentine Tango, but really, you need to dance it to see that it's something entirely independent.


Classes are on Wednesdays 7-9pm.


Rooms for 2019: 

Always in Bookable Room 4 in the union house until July 3. (No class on May 15!)


£1 for student members, £1.50 for student non-members, £2 for non-students




FAQs (For everything not in here, send us an email or hit us up on facebook):

1. Do I need to come with a partner? No, we will rotate throughout the classes. You learn more when you dance with different people (and of course you get to know more people this way ;-) )

2. Do I need specific shoes? Again, nope! Forró is often danced barefoot, but you can also dance in socks (if it's not too slipery, safety first) or trainers. Try to avoid heels though, they might be hindering you/they are potentially dangerous for your partner.

3. What is the level of the classes? We will tailor classes to the level of people in the room and repeat some of the basics at the beginning of each class, so no worries, we should have something for everyone.