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UEA Endocrinology Society at UEA MED school aiming to get as many people interested and learning about Endocrinology as possible! 

We will be running MOSCE's, teaching sessions and Cross Module event's throughout the year. This year we have a Diabetes revision session on 4/11/20, Endocrinology revision session on 11/11/20 and finally a Renal medicine and Urology revision session on 18/11/20. Our Mock OSCE for first term will be held on the 28/11/20 - more details to follow! 

The committee are:

  • President: Sophie Morris 
  • Vice-President: Kelly Lee 
  • Secretary: Vaishali Limbachia 
  • Treasurer: Janavi Shah
  • Publicity Officer: Alia Nasir Gonzalez 
  • Union Council Rep: Milly Green  
  • Events Co-ordinator: Carole Cheung 
  • Health and Safety Officer: Alana Eckland  
  • Equality and Diversity: Sonia Jamieson 


EndoSoc Mod 6 Mock OSCE
Microsoft Teams
UEA EndoSoc is hosting a Teams Mock OSCE, including relevant endo, renal and urology stations! It would be hekpful prep for the actual OSCE, so grab the limited tickets we have here now :) The event invites would be sent nearer the time