Music Recording and Production


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The journey that a song makes between one artist's or a group of artist's heads, to the glossy, perfected track that we have at the top of our favourites list, is too often overlooked and underappreciated. The world of music production is a massive, beautiful, scientific, limitless art that is just waiting for you to get stuck into, and now at UEA we have the facilities, local expertise and community to welcome you to it with! 

MRPS is a society for those interested in the composition, recording and production of music. It must firstly be stressed that you do not have to be a musician to join this society; you merely have to love music. Secondly, all genres are welcome. From hip-hop to jazz, classical to pop, all music needs to be recorded and mixed well to make maximum impact on its audience! Thirdly, music production is about working with people; it means means getting to know the skills, strengths and weaknesses of the those around you, and not being afraid to ask for, or to offer, feedback on other people's music. 

We hold regular workshops EVERY MONDAY 5:15 - 7:15PM in the media suite (the other half of the music building) where we sit and create together on individal imacs. Each session we also show you specific techniqes on things like instrument/vocal miking, synth engineering or EQ'ing. Our facilities will grow as time goes on and we have the funding to get more equipment, but right now we can offer group access to the media centre; all the computers of which have imacs with garageband installed (some of them with Logic Pro X), with headphones, speakers and an audio interface. For more in-depth music creation, the recording room can be booked which has logic pro X installed, with a multi-channel interface and several microphones. 

Other than this, we are at minimum a society with a shared interest, and we'd love to welcome anyone into our group who is like-minded, regardless of their musical (or mixing!) preferences or ability. 

Our committee: 

Charlie Bernardin - President

George Gavoyannis - Vice President

Charles Steele - Secretary

Cai Beacham - Treasurer

Tyler Brooker -  Health and Saftey officer

Ed Peters - Union Council rep.

Ella Cockcroft - Publicity officer