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Pharmacology Society

The UEA Pharmacology Society was set up with the goal to help connect students studying the Pharmacology and Drug Discovery course. We are here to provide our society members with a wide range of social and sports events so that students can make friends within and between all year groups. The events we run include; BBQs, Buddying Events, Cocktail Making Classes, Games Nights, Pub Crawls, Coffee Meet-ups, Conference Trip Organisation, and the Annual Pharma Spring Ball!

Feel free to message us if you have any questions!

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Our Committee 2020/2021:

President: Ellie Hyde (3rd Year)

Vice President: West James (2nd Year)

Secretary: Vicky Kamperi (3rd Year)

Treasurer: Pippa Burdis (3rd Year)

Social Secretary: Saif Khan (2nd Year)

Publicity Officer: Lucy Page (2nd Year)

Academic Rep: Kitty Gong (2nd Year)

Sports Rep: Josh Ghoorahoo (2nd Year)

Equality and Diversity Officer: Nadege Dabire (3rd Year)

Union Council Rep: Imi Sparks (3rd Year)

First Year Rep: Mollie Roberts (1st Year)