Wine and Cheese


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Welcome to the Wine and Cheese (W&C) Society!

As one of the newest societies, we aim to bring a touch of class and sophistication to UEA. Taking you on a journey of tasting different wine and cheeses from across the world, the society will allow you to discover a new range of flavours and accompaniments you didn’t know existed, giving your taste buds something not to forget about. 

Whether you’re teetotal, vegan or have dietary requirements, please don’t hesitate to join, we accommodate everyone ensuring that you will have a brie-lliant time!

2020 – 2021 Committee Members:

President: Felicity Eardley

Vice President: Charlotte Buffey

Treasurer: Alex James

Secretary: Hope Whittingham

Social Secretary: Hope Whittingham

Health and Safety Officer: Thomas Greatorex-Sanderson

Equality and Diversity Officer: Angad Singh

Union Council Representative: Jacob Lawrence

Events Officer: Gabriella Corduff

First Year Representative: Ella Nairne

Upcoming Events:

- Wine and Cheese Movie Nights

- Local Vineyard Trip

- Cocktail Making

- Bingo and Cheese Tasting Nights

- Bar Crawls and LCR Nights Out

- Christmas Dinner

And More!! 

Stay up to date on all our events through our Facebook and Instagram pages:

Facebook: UEA Wine and Cheese Society
Instagram: ueawineandcheese


End of Year Raffle
Wine and Cheese Instagram & Facebook
Join us for our End of Year Raffle before we handover our committee to next year's committee. All members can purchase 1 free ticket or for non-members/members who want an extra ticket, tickets will be 50p. Raffle will be drawn on Monday 24th May!

No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running