Social Work


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The Social Work Society is a great way to interact with other student's on the course at our social events. As this is the first year that the society has been created, we have lots of goals! There will be oppertunities to get involved in fundraising events and we will be collabourating with other societies both relevant and not relevant to Social Work. We aim to make the events as accessible as possible for both students living on campus and students off campus as we understand that some poeple commute. We will also be holding study sessions for all students so that we can share our placement experiences and support eachother during our studies. 

Committee Members: 

  • President: Chels Hardesty
  • Vice President: Chesk Mayhew 
  • Secretary: 
  • Treasurer: Katy Bruton 
  • Social Secretaries: Emma Hall and Lizzie McCrossan
  • Health and Safety Officer: Molly Bennett
  • Equality and Diversity Officer: 
  • First Year Representitive: Jessica Stanbridge and Matthew Champion
  • Union Council Representitive: Connor Lewis
  • MA Representitive: Ashley Charles-Rudd

If you have any questions feel free to drop any of us an email or visit our facebook page and message us on there!