We are Bloody Good Period UEA.

Bloody Good Period is a nationwide charity that tackles period poverty, by providing menstrual products and more to society's poorest, mainly focusing on asylum seekers and refugees. We aim to carry this good work on here at UEA, we are the charity's first university society and hope to set a great example so others can follow in our footsteps!

We have so many exciting events planned and can't wait to help this amazing cause!


President - Annabel Purdy

Secretary - Emily Gasparro 

Treasurer - Adela Morais

Fundraising Officer - Emma Fosker                                                                                                                                                                                       

Equality & Diversity Officer - Lucy Hawker



Throughout October and November, we held fortnightly talks titled Strings Attached to raise awareness on and educate on issues surrounding periods, such as period poverty, the psychological effects of menstruation, and how to have a sustainable period. Our talks are up on YouTube here!




In 2021, we launched the Strings Attached podcast on Spotify, where we chat all things periods!