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What we do:

UEA's Baking Society is an opportunity for those who love baking to share their bakes with one another. As well as baking at home to monthly themes we will also be doing a number of activities within our meetings such as baking workshops on campus and seasonal decorating events.


Baking society is open to all whether you are a seasoned baker or you are just starting out so please come along!


Society Calendar:

Thursday 16th January 2020 - Fruit Cake Baking Workshop (The Green Room, Union House)

Thursday 30th January 2020 - Board Games and Bakes (Bookable Room 5, Union House)

Thursday 13th February - Bring a Guy, Gal or Non-Binary Pal for Decorating Games (Congregation Hall 0.12)

Thursday 20th February - DSD Week Baking Workshop (The Green Room, Union House)

Tuesday 3rd March - Cupcake Baking Workshop (The Green Room, Union House)

Thursday 19th March - Study and Snack (Congregation Hall 01.11)

The committee:

President: Francesca Thorington

Vice-President and Secretary: Hector Lester-George

Treasurer and Social Secretary: Beatriz Rodrigues

Health and Safety Officer: Libby Johnson

Equality and Diversity Officer: Brendan Harper

Union Representative: Kane Kiff


Contact Us:

If you have any questions about what we do please do not hesistate to contact us by emailing or messaging through our Facebook page


Happy Baking!


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