Dermatology and Plastics


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We are the Dermatology & Plastics society and we have many useful events planned for this year. Not just for second years but for all years. 

We are planning to host a variety of events to help you revise and build your resume in this field of medicine. 

For a £2 membership, you will have access to almost all of our events for free - this includes revision sessions, Mock OSCE, career talks, suture sessions, etc. 

Feel free to follow our instagram and facebook page for updates and notification of our events and we will be posting spot diagnosis quizzes on our instagram page. 



President: Matthew Page
Vice President: Gabija Klyvyte
Secretary: Mason Min
Treasurer: Suprateeka Talukder
Publicity Officer: Catriona Holden
Education & careers officer for dermatology: Raisa Sikdar
Education & careers officer for plastic surgery: Rajika Rajeswaran


No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running