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DramaSoc is one of the largest and most active societies on campus (and according to our members, one of the best). Our aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for all UEA students to create and watch theatre, as well as to meet other like-minded people.

Every year we put on at least six productions, including a musical and a short plays festival. Recent productions have included ‘Sweet Charity’, ‘Stockholm', as well as multiple performances of creative writing from our own members. In addition to this, we also provide support to small start-up student theatre companies, frequently run socials, and regularly invite theatre companies and practitioners to run workshops on campus.

So whether you’re an aspiring actor, director, scriptwriter or stage manager, we can help you make ambitious and innovative theatre, as well as providing a supportive and fun environment in which to do it.

** Once you've paid your membership, please join the group 'UEA Drama Society Members 2019/20' on Facebook - this will keep you up to date with auditions, proposal forms, workshops, and other opportunities! If you're not on facebook, please email us at ueadramasoc@gmail.com and we'll keep you updated via email**

--- 2019/20 COMMITTEE ---

President: Sam Hewitson

Vice President: Charlie Toney

Secretary: Briony Randell

Treasurer: Megan McKeown

Publicity Officer: Ash Strain

Social Secretary: Siri Devakumar

Welfare Officer (Equality and Diversity/Health and Safety): Alexander Wiseman 

Technical Officer: Jasmine Savage

Workshops Officer: Emily Law

Publicity Artist: Rebekah Smith


UEA Drama Society presents 'BLINDWARD' (Fri 15th)
UEA Drama Studio
A ship travels through the fog, all is uncertain, all are unravelled. Directed by Issa Quincy with assistance from Rachel Campbell Hewson, 'Blindward' is a story of mystery and intrigue.

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