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We are the fetish society.

open to anyone with any interest in things fetish/kink.

We welcome all, from those who may be just a little curious about it to those living a full fetish lifestyle.

Our aim is to make fetish and kink more accepted as a societal norm. we want to provide a fun but safe space for people to embrace their kink side and meet people with similar interests. 

As a mature student I remember what it was like being 18 and the only person in my friendship group that had these interests. I was ashamed of my interests and thought i was a freak and all my friends would disown me if they found out. That is why its so important for me to provide the support to people in that position and give them the confidence and the space to be themselves.

Having said that, discretion is assured and if you are not ready to admit it to anyone outside of the group you will not have to. 

*We do not support any fetish that is against the law. 

we run two very different events each month one of which will hopefully appeal to you.

The second wednesday of each month is our private meet. They are held in a location that only those within our society have the details for and would appeal to those people who want to meet people but prefer to remain confidential. Throughout the year these meets will involve workshops, discussions, talks from outside speakers, debates on controversial subjects and education on playing safely. we are more than open to any suggestions our members may have for these meetings.

The last tuesday of the month is our bar meets. They are held in the blue bar and would appeal to those looking for more of a fun social atmosphere. Throughout the year each meet will be a different fancy dress theme just to mix it up a bit and since it is the same night as damn good you can really make a night of it. PLUS most people have wednesday afternoons off so youll only have to drag yourself out of bed for morning lectures (if you have them)!

we also plan to have joint socials with other societies for special events

we have a secret facebook group. once you join the society you will be added as a friend by the president (Amy mcdonnell) and then added to the group. once added to you group you have the option to delete the friendship or keep it. (as its a secret group we have to be friends to add you to it) ONLY members of the society have access to this group and it is regularly reviewed to ensure that ex members are removed and non members are not given access.



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