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Welcome to the UEA Hindu Society! 

While the Society says Hindu, that is not all we are!

We welcome members of all faiths, or those with none, and we aim to be a medium to support, guide and inform our members of the religion of Hinduism, as well as the Indian culture that surrounds it. We embrace all races and cultures and hope to become your family away from home.

Some of the events we have planned for you throughout the year include weekly Aarti (prayers), Diwali in the Square, Diwali Ball, food socials, and Holi! Join us for some fun and to also learn more about what the Hindu Culture is about!        


Committee 2021/22

President - Rishali Patel

Vice President - Kaya Dodhia

Secretary - Monica Fatania

Treasurer - Alan Benny 

Social Secretary - Atulya Singh & Vanshika Gupta

Charity Officer - Aarani Shah

Sports Rep - Atulya Singh & Sanjay Jaikumar

Dance Choreographer - Vanshika Gupta

Media Rep - Niral Shah

Sanskar Rep - Rishali Patel

Health and Safety Officer - Farhad Karim

Equality and Diversity Officer - Vithuzan Krishnanathan

General Committee - Sonali Panesar, Thineshan Kethieswaranathan & Vishanth Sathiyaganthan


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No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running