Welcome to ISS, the biggest cultural society at UEA! It is a multicultural society bringing all home and international students together. ISS society is dedicated to organising events throughout the year celebrating diversity. There are several opportunities to be involved in the society from immaculate Go Global performances to delectable Food Stalls to crazy social parties such as Halloween. Moreover, we are also running sports events such as football, collaborating with other societies of different cultures.


If you are interested in joining our society or you are still undecided please check our social media pages for more information.

Everyone is welcome in this society! 


President - Nabil Rahhal

Vice-President - Miriam Hussein

Treasurer - Dmitry Shakuro

Secretary - Hashir Hussain

Social Secretary - Sulli Lam and Ekaterina Pirogova

Health and Safety Officer - Sandra Sarfo

Equality and Diversity Officer - Ragini Pillai

Union Council Rep - Haashim Abdallah Mohammud

Media and Communications Officer - Maya Toulan





No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running